Review the chart below to determine the continuing education (CE or CEU) requirement is in place for your state based on your license type.  For additional information view our list of all contractor license requirements here or contact your states department of licensing.


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CE Requirements by State and Trade

View additional CE and licensing details for Electrical Contractor CE requirements here.

State Type Hours Required
AK Electrical 8
AL Electrical Contractor 14
AR Journeyman and Master Electricians 8
CA Electrician 32
CO Electrician 24
CT Electrician 7
DE Electrician 10
FL Electrical Contractor 14
GA Electrical Contractor 4
IA Electrical 18
ID Electrician, Journeyman & Master 24
KY Electrician, Master and Elec. Con. 6
MA Electrician 21
MD Master Electrician 0
ME Electrician 15
MI Journeyman & Master Electrician 15
MN Class A & B Master Electrician 16
MT Electrician 8
NC Electricians (Special Restricted Contractors) 4
NC Electricians (Unltd, Intermed, Ltd, SP-SFD) 8
ND Electrician 8
NE Electrician 12
NH Journeyman & Master Electrician 15
NJ Electrical Contractor 34
NM Journeyman Electrician 16
NY Electrical Contractor 0
OH Electrical Contractor 10
OK Electrical Contractor or Journeyman 6
OR Electrician (Type PJ, LR, LME, LEA, LEB, LRT & SIG) 16
OR Electrician (Type S, PS & J) 24
SD Electrician 16
TX Electrician 4
UT Electrician 16
VA Master Electrician 3
VT Master and Journeyman Electrician 15
VT Type S Journeyman 8
WA Electrical Contractor 24
WI Electrical Contractor 0
WI Electrical Inspector 24
WI Master or Journeyman Electrician 24
WI Specialty Electrical 18
WY Electrician, Master and Journeyman 16

View additional CE and licensing details for HVAC Contractor CE requirements here.

State Type Hours Required
AK Mechanical and Specialty Contractor 0
AL Commercial Refrigeration Contractor 4
AL HVAC Contractor 4
GA HVAC Conditioned Air Contractor 4
IA HVAC/Refrigeration 8
KY Heating and A/C Contractors 8
OK Mechanical Contractor or Journeyman 6
TX Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractor 8
VA HVAC Contractor 3
VT Type S Journeyman 8

View additional CE and licensing details for General Contractor CE requirements here.

State Type Hours Required
AL General Contractor 0
AR Residential & Commercial Contractor 0
AZ Contractor 0
CO General Contractor 0
DC General Contractor 0
DE Contractor 0
FL Broward County Contractor 4
FL Certified Contractor 14
FL Miami-Dade Registered Contractor 16
FL Pinellas County Contractor 14
FL Registered Contractor 14
GA Columbia County Contractor 18
GA Residential and General Contractor 6
HI Contractor 0
IA Construction Contractor 0
ID General Contractor 0
IL General Contractor 0
IN General Contractor 0
IN Vanderburg County Contractor 3
KS Construction Contractor 0
LA Residential Contractor 6
MD General Contractor 0
ME General Contractor 0
MI General Contractor 0
MI Residential Builder and M & A Contractors 3
MN Residential Building Contractor 14
MO Contractor 0
MS Residential & Commercial Contractor 0
MT General Contractor 0
NE General Contractor 0
NH General Contractor 0
NV Contractor 0
OK General Contractor 0
OR Contractor, Commercial 16
OR Contractor, Residential 8
PA Contractor 0
RI Contractor 0
SC General Contractor 0
SD General Contractor 0
TN Contractor 0
TX Residential Contractor 0
UT Contractor 6
VA Contractor 8
VT General Contractor 0
WI Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification 12
WI General Contractor 0
WV Contractor 0
WY Contractor 0

View additional CE and licensing details for Plumbing Contractor CE requirements here.

State Type Hours Required
AK Plumber, Journeyman 16
IA Plumber 8
MA Journeyman and Master Plumber 12
MT Journeyman and Master Plumbers 4
UT Plumber 12
VT Plumber 8
VT Type S Journeyman 8
WI Master or Journeyman Plumber 24

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